Wholesale of jujube pepper

Wholesale of dried jujube peppers

In past years, jujube red pepper received less attention, but now it is used to make various dressings and condiments. The popularity of fast food and the increase in the number of restaurants and coffee shops has increased the demand for this hot pepper. The high similarity of this pepper to jujube fruit is the reason for naming this pepper. Jujube pepper is very spicy and has many properties for the body.

فروش فلفل عنابی

Which country does the first-class jujube pepper belong to?

 High quality jujube pepper is grown in “Pakistan”. The most important product features of this country are uniform color, large size and healthy texture. Chili peppers are also grown and harvested in other countries such as India and China. But the excellent and unique taste of Pakistani type has increased its popularity and has been welcomed by many countries. Pakistani jujube red pepper is branchless and perfectly uniform.

Properties of jujube pepper

The most important property of jujube pepper is its “soothing” property. Capsaicin, the main cause of the sharpness of this food, is soothing and helps treat migraines and headaches. Jujube peppers are warm in nature, which in turn boosts the body’s metabolism.

This substance is a great barrier to blood clotting and can prevent strokes or heart attacks by diluting the blood.

Guide to selling jujube peppers in bulk

A reputable and successful trading company multiplies the value and credibility of its brand with precise timing, clear prices as well as professional contracts with other traders.

Kamyab Tejarat Mahtab, consisting of an efficient and experienced team, has made every effort to establish ideal and profitable business relationships with the aim of increasing and retaining its customers, and has earned a good position in this field with a great perspective in the import and export industry.

Spicy and tasty Pakistani jujube pepper is mainly offered under the brand “Shahre Ziba”. You can see the high quality of this product in the following video:


Buy jujube red pepper from reputable companies!

As mentioned before, this product is used to prepare spicy dressings, especially as a food flavoring. Jujube red pepper should be processed and used in powder form along with other spices to produce spicy dressings. This is the responsibility of factories that make popular dressings, and the higher the quality of the product, the less waste will be remained and first-class products will be marketed.


For this purpose, choosing a brand whose spices are of quality and have fair prices, is not easy! Kamyab Tejarat Mahtab, by selling quality imported spices such as black pepper, broken cinnamon, jujube pepper, turmeric, etc., has facilitated your purchase.


Satisfaction of our permanent customers is the most important reason for the cooperation of this company with reputable foreign brands.

Order jujube red peppers in bulk

Jujube pepper is sold directly and at reasonable prices. This product will be provided to dear customers after its quality grade is approved by experts in this field.

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