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Wholesale of high-quality Nigella Sativa

Nigella Sativa is a medicinal plant of the Ranunculaceae family, which is cultivated in Southern Europe, North Africa, and Southwest Asia, which is also called black cumin, because its seeds are similar to cumin. Nigella Sativa is widely used in traditional medicine and cooking because of its unique properties.

Nigella Sativa has a wide range of medicinal properties that some botanists refer to as “the seed of heaven”.

The use of this plant has a long story in the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs. Experts believe that at the time, black seed’s antibacterial properties may have led to its use as a preservative in the embalming process. Today, this medicinal plant is used in many Arab countries, Asia, Africa and parts of Europe to prevent or treat various diseases.

How to identify good Nigella Sativa?

It is a bit more difficult to identify high-quality Nigella Sativa because it is sold in the form of seeds. To distinguish high-quality black seeds, you should consider two criteria to buy the best type.

Oil percentages

Nigella Sativa with a lot of oil is a good choice to buy.


Nigella Sativa should be thick and completely uniform.

Properties of Nigella Sativa

Some sources of traditional medicine call Nigella Sativa “universal healer”, which is referred to as a panacea for all physical problems. The reason for this name is due to the presence of a strong antioxidant called “Thymoquinone”, which is abundantly found in Nigella Sativa.

Anti-inflammatory properties of this substance help protect your cells against free radical damage.

When free radicals accumulate in your body, they can cause oxidative stress, which increases the risk of certain diseases such as cancer and heart disease. For this reason, regular consumption as much as black seeds prevents or treats internal inflammations or chronic diseases.

Nigella Sativa also contains beneficial plant compounds of alkaloids and phytosterols with natural cholesterol-lowering properties. Nigella Sativa is effective for relieving swollen joints and respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis and prevents the occurrence of chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes and heart problems.

Guide for wholesale Nigella Sativa sales

The Nigella Sativa is imported from Syria and sold in bulk at reasonable prices.

You can see the high quality of this product in the following video:

Selling the best type of Nigella Sativa in the market

Nigella Sativa is produced and marketed in different countries, but the best type comes from Syria and India. Kamyab Tejarat selects and offers first-class Syrian and Indian samples, knowing the top brands in this field. Of course, you should note that if you intend to extract oil, Indian seed has much more oil and is more expensive than other types.

Wholesale Nigella Sativa order

Kamyab Tejarat Mehtab Trading Company provides first-grade products to customers by selling imported spices from prominent countries. The sale of high-quality Nigella Sativa is done in bulk under the brand “Shahre Ziba.”

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