Wholesale ginger sales

Wholesale of first-grade ginger

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) is a plant native to parts of Asia such as China, Japan and India. It has a leafy stem and yellow-green flowers. Its spice is obtained from the rhizome (underground stem) of the plant. The height of this plant reaches up to three feet and it can be harvested all year round. After separating the ginger root from the main plant, it is washed and dried in the sun. After drying, it can be used for culinary or medicinal purposes.

 Ginger has been used for medicinal purposes in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine for over 2,500 years. Ayurvedic texts recognize ginger as a “great universal medicine”. An old Indian proverb says, “Everything good is found in ginger.” Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that ginger “restores destroyed yang” and “dispels cold from the body.” It is interesting to know that modern western science has proven the usefulness of this plant for the treatment of various diseases by confirming the theories of traditional Eastern medicine.


فروش رنجبیل عمده
فروش زنجبیل عمده

Benefits and properties of ginger

Ginger contains more than 400 chemical compounds, but researchers believe that gingerol compounds have health benefits. In addition, ginger also plays a significant role in its taste and smell and has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that can contribute to the health of the body in many ways. The following can be mentioned as the benefits of the root of this plant:

  • Soothing stomach disorders
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Preventing colds
  • Decreasing muscle and joint pains
  • Fighting against cancer
  • Lowering blood sugar
  • Relieving menstrual pain

What are the characteristics of good ginger?

Color of roots

The quality of ginger can be recognized by its color. If you are looking for a high-quality type, its color should be bright yellow.

Ginger size

Good quality ginger is coarse, and its smallness is a sign of its lack of quality and acceptability. In addition, first grade ginger is smooth and uniform.

Pleasant aroma

The reason for using ginger as a food or drink seasoning is its pleasant aroma. Bad quality ginger does not have a pleasant smell and aroma.

Guide for wholesale ginger sales

The wholesale ginger sale imported from “China” under the brand “Shahr Ziba” is performed in bulk form.

Kamyab Tejarat Mehtab Trading Company has started selling imported spices by offering high-quality and first-class samples from prestigious world-class brands to satisfy its dear customers.

Years of experience in the field of import and interaction with reputable and well-known international companies have brightened the work resume of this sales unit. Kamyab Tejarat has put all its plans and goals on the basis of satisfying its dear customers, and the most important effort to achieve this is to keep the quality level of the products at the highest level.

Bulk order of ginger under Shahre Ziba brand

Unfortunately, some sellers in the market dissatisfy customer with false prices and offering low-quality products. It is a little difficult to find a product that is considered to be of first-class quality and does not have a high price!

Kamyab Tejarat company has gained the trust of the buyer with years of effort and experience of cooperating with reputable companies and gaining a suitable position in the import field. Shop with peace of mind!

  1. Our prices are quite reasonable.
  2. The products are of high quality.
  3. Spices are imported from well-known and famous countries in producing the desired product.
  4. The quality of the product is confirmed by the experts of this collection and then it is given to the honorable customers.
  5. Your order will be sent in the shortest time in sanitary packaging.

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