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Rice is one of the most important grains in India and is ranked first in the region in terms of production. Indian rice is thin, light and white and doubles its original length when cooked. Its nature is soft and has a gentle aroma. In addition to domestic consumption, rice is exported from this country to about 125 countries, including Iran. The quality of rice grown and harvested in India is not the same in all regions and it is necessary to fully examine its authenticity and quality to import high quality rice.

How to recognize good Indian rice?

Rice is generally divided into three groups in terms of size: long grain, medium grain and short grain. Basmati belongs to the long grain group, which is cultivated in the Himalayas, India and Pakistan. This type of rice is very popular in India and is served with a variety of Indian spices.


“Bas” in Hindi means “aroma” and “mati” means “full of”, hence the word Basmati – or “full of aroma” is used for fragrant and nutty rice. Basmati rice has fluffy and clean grains and its texture is somewhat sticky.


Aged basmati rice has a better texture and taste, and instead of light white, its color is dull white. Avoid gray rice. The ends of the seeds should be slightly tapered. Avoid buying smooth and non-curved seeds.


Basmati rice is usually available in white and brown varieties. White basmati rice is more common, but brown rice can also be found in many grocery stores. Brown rice has more fiber and has a sharper taste with a firmer texture. It also has a longer cooking time than white rice.


Indian rice, if cooked properly, will keep its fine grains separate and non-sticky. The key to making light and fluffy basmati rice is to rinse it first, otherwise the grains will become gummy and stick together. It only takes a minute or two. Simply place the rice in a bowl of water and then turn it to release excess starch.

Guide to buy Indian Rice in bulk

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In the following video, you can see a sample of imported Indian rice of Kamyab Tejarat Company:

Sale of Indian rice in Shahre Ziba

Quality basmati rice can be found in most international and specialized markets. “Kamyab Tejarat Mahtab” provides quality and first-class basmati rice with the brand “Shahr Ziba”” to you dear customers. Shahre Ziba Indian rice is sold in bulk. Note that Shahre Ziba rice, in addition to being of very high quality, is very cost-effective because it is offered at a very reasonable price.

فروش برنج هندی
فروش برنج هندی

Sale of Badgir 1121 Indian rice

The sale of high quality and first-class imported Indian rice is done under the brand “Badgir”. The quality of this long and white rice is examined by the experts of this company and after approval, it enters the Iranian market. You can buy this product at a reasonable price.

Order rice in bulk

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